I would like to say it was so nice to see our special boy Emil again! ( Estet Classic Englishman )
Sir : Scagerac
Dam : CH. Estet Classic Hedera
Looking his absolute best and so happy with his new mom Lisa !!!

Thank you Lisa for all the LOVE and care you have given him, it means the world to me   
And of course what makes us even happier is witnessing his great success with Lisa Schinker at The 2018 GCA Central specialtys under a true Greyhound Specialist Espen Engh! 
Best of Breed ( 40 greyhound entry ) and Group III
There aren’t enough words to say how proud and happy we are !!!!!
owners : Lisa Schinker & Chris Schinker & Olga Gorbatsjova
Photos by Laura Tomson ( THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! )