…With the growing popularity of greyhounds and other sighthounds as pets, veterinarians have been evaluating these breeds more frequently in their practices and have discovered that sighthounds not only have physiological and pharmacological differences, but also that diseases in these breeds behave differently than in other dogs…”

Please keep in mind when assessing an Analytical Blood Profile
Analytical blood profiles should never be looked at in isolation, but should be used as a source of additional information to add to the information gained from a thorough examination of the greyhound who’s health is being assessed.

This examination should take note of:
The state of hydration in regard to skin tone.
The general condition of the greyhound in regard to an healthy weight and muscle condition.
The general condition of the greyhound in regard to vitality and general demeanour.
Recent levels of stress, such as a run behind the lure within the past five days.
The general recovery rate of the greyhound after stressful exercise.
A thorough examination for muscle injuries, and for general increased pain levels.

And most important of all a re-examination of all that has occurred to the greyhound in the previous 4 to 6 weeks that may have led to, or contributed to the greyhounds current condition….

Dr. Tom Muelman


photo by Laura Tomson