Estet Classic Greyhound Puppies

Thinking of getting a dog? Maybe a greyhound or a borzoi? Great! You are in the right place! But before making any hasty decisions, we ask you to consider:

  1. Are you ready for charges?
    Getting a dog means your life is going to change radically in the next ten to fifteen years.
  2. Are you ready to commit?
    Pets, especially dogs, require emotional commitment. You must be very patient with a dog, and ever more patient with a puppy. 
  3. Do you have time?
    If you work 8/12 hours a day, maybe it’s best to wait with getting a dog until more flexible working schedule.  
  4. Do you have space?
    Even the smallest pet needs space! Never mind the dogs like greyhounds and borzois. You don’t have to own a house, but a bigger spot next to your couch is a must.
  5. Can you afford?
    It goes without saying that pets eat, play, and get sick. All of this requires money. So know your financial condition. 

Have you answered “yes” to every one of our 5 questions? Superb! Welcome to the dog-owners club! Now let’s see if a greyhound or a borzoi is a good match for you.